ACSG 2014

After years I finally got to join the international events of ALSA, ALSA Conference Singapore 2014.  This was my first and last time.
Time had flown like a wind. AC had come to an end. I really enjoyed every moment of it. I just couldn't believe in this short period of time, we all quickly bonded, becoming close friends in a matter of days. We have become a family.
Thank you so much Kelly Zhang, Nur Hijazi Jaffar, Ashley Loh, Wayne Chan, Christie Long, Emma Gan, Jia Shun, Benjamin Teo, Hiren Jonas and Cheryl Tan for being such awesome caretakers. I really couldn't ask for better ones. You guys rock. Thank you Group 3 & 4 - Maritime Piracy for everything. Thank you, ALSA.
I'm gonna miss having crazy/random talks with you guys, exchanging ideas, telling stories and law/regulations about our own countries, teaching each other bad words in many languages, trying new foods, playing games, taking such lol pictures and videos, and enjoying every time we were together.
AC was definitely one of the best of my life, discovering Singapore and creating life-long friendships. 

There will always be a home for you here in Indonesia. Hope to see you guys soon.

Good bye, ALSA. 
Lovely gifts from the caretakers <3

Asian Law Students' Association Conference
Singapore 2014

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