I once had time to contemplate after all. I sat on the big rock on the seashore and let the wind blew and messed with my hair. The sky was so cloudy, but it was okay for me. If I hadn't been at the beach that day, all might have been worse.
That was me, in silence, closing my eyes followed by thousands of pictures of me with the familiar faces playing in motions. I tried to pause them but they kept on going. I finally let myself drown deeply into my mind. Then without me knowing, popped, all questions were listed inside my head and all were in waiting to be answered.
There was the version of me, being honest to myself and not being denial, figuring out how things would work out. Yes, I was warned, by myself.
When I finally decided to open my eyes, they were all stopped. All I could see is the sea, playing me relaxing sounds of wave crashing. I used to run and write words on the sand. But this time, I didn't. Or even to swim or make a sandcastle. I felt like an alien. How could I just sit and watch the sea when I was actually at the beach? Was that me over there? Was that even me who actually went there?
Before I knew the wave crashing onto the shore for the--maybe five hundred times that day, I got this magic lines, "These need to be scrolled forward. Or to get to know the answer of these, I gotta zoom all out."

An hour passed by then I started to feel the warmth on my skin. Yes, the sun was up.

Believe me, this is not a sad story. This is just me trying to contemplate at my favorite spot in the world. I shall believe the good things is coming up real soon, just like the sun on that cloudy day.

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