Uni Life & New Friends

Hello there, hows everything going? Things are driving me ubercrazzzzy. Yep, my uni life had started about a month ago. Hell yeah a month, but it makes me feels like I'm going nuts.

Although the uni tasks are getting freaking annoying, I'm glad that I've the opportunity to meet these awesome people. Alright, I wanna tell you about my new friends there. They are cool. And team Danus, we called it Tim Hepi-hepi went to Tebet, Taman Menteng, Sabang, Kebun Sirih, Ragusa, Roti Bakar Edi, Benton, Alam Sutra, dan Rumah Shannon. I know it was such a long trip lol but it was uberfun, no doubt! :)

Time flies when I'm happy. Time kills when I'm attending a class.

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  1. semester pertama memang paling susah haha