Tonight, I'm gonna tell you about my great-grandpa (my grandma's father). Fyi, I dont have any grandpas left, so he's like the one even he's the great one, ya know. Okay i don't wanna make you confuse. Here it is..

My Great Grandpa is 93-year-old strong and clever man. I call him 'uu'. He loves reading so freakin much, that's why he has so many books in his second-floor-library. He can speak Sundanese, Indonesian, English, Dutch, French, and i dont know what else haha. He still could drive a car when he was 90. He is like a Superman for us, you know.

After his 92nd birthday, he has been changing. He looks older and errr weaker now. I know it is about his age. He looks thinner.

I never find someone like him before and i bet in the future

Get well soon dear uu :)

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