Love For 16 year-old Girl

Love hurts. And seriously love does hurt you sometimes. Ah maybe you guys are saying,
'Na ah girl, stop it. You're too young to talk big about love'.
And I say,
'Hey, even you see I'm small, I'm going to be seventeen this year. It doesn't mean that I don't know anything about Love'.
Like people always say, Love is a simple word; but people make it big. I'm one of that people. I care about people I love.
And I you guys are thinking, 'What the heck is happening to Audy right now posting this kind of post?' Na'ah there is nothing behind that, people. It's just, I was thinking that 'Thank God, I have a boyfriend' And he's doing good and so are we. That's okay to argue and that's okay to have a lover's fight. Relationship works with love and care and also honesty.
And last, There is no one wants to be hanging without a certainty.


  1. mau nyoba tulis tentang gue aja ga dy? lebih seru yeee kaaaan? yippieeee!!

  2. oh puhleez de, don't become another ijan deh hahahaha

  3. i really f*ckin agree when ya said "love hurts" di. wakaka

  4. duileh ijaaaan hihihi pengalaman bener keknya

  5. audy, you have english is very good ya huahaha kok bisa sih dy nulis panjang bgs kata2nya aku mau juga doooong

  6. nyahahaha ijan lagi de ditanya

    apa sih te ngomongnya. kan kamu juga lia sayang akunya nggak les malah z z z