The Melbourne Trip went really great. I could finally travel to some new places I've always wanted to go and had time enjoying one of the best times of my life. Even though we had to spend most of our time at Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, thank God we still got chance to visit all the most visited places there-- the City, Victoria Market, and St. Kilda Beach. 
In this WMUN, I was honored to represent The Republic of Benin, the country located in West Africa, which I had never ever heard it before. I'm so glad I could meet these guys from India, Albania, Philippine, Japan, Thailand, Cossovo, Korea, Rome, Venezuela, U.S.A, Germany, and many more.
OIC Members
Delegate of Republic of Benin in OIC
I always love meeting new people, talking about where they are from, how their hometown looks like, how their opinion about certain things, and knowing their kind of humors.
I never thought it would turn out to be soooo much fun. Even we made a Harlem Shake video together! I couldn't ask for a better head chair, ccs, and delegates. Thanks for making my first and (probably) my last MUN my best experience I've ever had.

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