Sweet Seventeen


Yes, I'm seventeen now. I had a blast!

Thursday 29th oct 2009 11:50 pm, I got a new iPhone 3G from my Aunt and Uncle! How cool is that huh? Hahaha what a great beginning :) Love you

Friday 30th oct 2009, 06:00 am. I got a birthday surprise from my guy, Aufar. Which was a morning shocked! He came to my house after i had taken a bath just at the very moment, brought a cake, it was written "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" I bet i looked messy seriously. And he gave me present from his mom and his aunt, he DID NOT give any that morning.

And then I went to school with him, and my 2 lil sists, Kania and Carin.....

At school, It was same as the other day, but yes of course "Happy Birthday Audy" and hugs and kisses from my friends. Hmm, Dea Mute Yasmin Tyka were so busy with Reyhan and his laptop. But I didnt really care, I mean I didnt realize something peculiar that time.

Time went by... finally it was a break time. And suddenly, Dea came and covered my eyes with her purple mukena. I couldnt see anything. Mute Dea Yasmin drove me to XII IS-1 and they were having fun on me because my blindness. "Lurus dy lurus.. Kanan.. Balik Kanan.. Geser 2 langkah..." Grrr siaul! When I heard a happy birthday song, I opened my eyes and found a Strawberry Pie. Awwwwwwwww Dea made it for me. What could be sweeter than that? Awww. I cut the pie and gave it to Tobeli and then others. Everyone wanted the pie, they were soo razzle dazzle.The pie dissapeared in a blink! It was friggin deliciosoooooo! Thankyou Dea Diani, I love you. And Mute Yasmin I love you too. Tyka, I'm sorry you missed the cake, but I still love you though hehehe.

Theeeeeeeeen, school's over. I was buzzing off myself to get home asap. I prepared for everything, because the party held that night.

At the party....
Nita-Nemoy was a first guest!
Wirman Adit Randy Danta Irham were the second!

I often looked at the door and Aufar Mute Dea Yasmin Tyka had not come yet! Grrr made me wanted to punch them till down. Next, the party was opened. I gave a spontaneous speech so did my mom. And suddenly came from nowhere, Aufar showed up and in his hands there were a big cheese cake which made by my grandma. And there were Tyka Mute Dea Yasmine too, holding a big frame. Yes, they made me a big frame filled with my photos, from my childhood until now. And they also made me a video, but it couldnt be played at the party, I LOVE THEM!

Tyka gave a lil speech so did Aufar. And GUESS WHAT?! HE GAVE ME A LOMO! FISHEYE! OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD! Thankyou dear!

The Party was grrrrreat. There were silly games too. And Dhela Adisti Anggi Jordan Rezhi Alifa sang me and the guests some songs.

My Friends since Elementary : Andrea, Nanda, Santi and Junior High: Jordan Ilona Brian Leon Mila Nita Tyas. There were Ruben, Arief, Dwen, Widy, Ardy, Bastian, Escada, and Kevi too. And others were Alpus1ers!

Special Thanks to Mom and Dad and my fams, and thanks for coming friends, felicitates and compliments, hope you guys had had a gr-r-r-reat night. Sorry if there was a imprudence or something out of you guys favor.

Cheers, Hugs and Kisses!

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