Get Some Lose Some

Its been a while. I know, I've wanted to post, really.

Get Some Lose Some

Yes, Welcome Back mi amigo A! Yeah he's gone for some probs and he's coming back to us with smiles craziness and jokes. We've been missing you A

And no, lose some. Yeah mi another amigo, its like you and I won't make a good pair of dumbies anymore. I don't know, the way you treat people especially ya know who it's like errr weird and creepy for me. But we're absolutely fine, aight? You don't realize, I know. Well your way is knda disturbing but I'm okay with that yeah fine. Just do what you think is cool buddy!

Hmm.. I had a fun night. With mon cher's mom and family. Metro Great Sale and Dimsum Festival were great! Thankyou ♥ You missed the good time, aufar!

I'm on a hard week, my half-semester-quizzes. Yeah I've passed 3 subjects, still got the other exhausting subjects. We will be doing those til next week. Wish us luck everyone!

Tonight there will be a big and cool and awesome event, made by Tarakanita Catholic High School, TARPHRODITE at Senayan! Be there ppl! And I want to say sorry for mi amigos who have worked so hard for Tarphrodite, I can't come! Sorry :( I'm having this frggin quizzes. Sorry.. Good Luck guys, have a blast!

It's 12.45, Night readers!

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