Happy Day

Today, I used to be left alone at home, because all my supa-dupah-family-members went to Bandung. My mom said If they were tired, they would stay at Bandung tonight. I was kinda not interested to go that far because I thought it'd be tiring and I still had school time on Monday.
Alone, hate it. So I went to Aufar's house. His mom and auntie said that they were going to meet Teh Manda at the Hotel and they'd go to PS at dinner time. Theeeen finally, his Mom, his Auntie, his brother : Adib, Cousins : Aya, Jihan and Bunga picked up Teh Manda at Athlete Century Hotel. We went to Bilington Cafe, Plaza Senayan. Teh Manda was soooo funny, she made jokes every-freakin-time!
We laughed, kept complaining/gossiping about everything especially those Indonesian actress and actors, made jokes, requested songs and sang. Next, we went around the PS and lalalala (okay, long story) and last, they dropped me home.
Happy happy I'm so happy. Thanks God for today. Thanks Tante, Thanks Aufar, Thank you all! :) Lovelove, cups muah


  1. audiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii :p hehe

  2. thank youuu mute!

    nanda oh my God pacarmu itu lebih so sweet lagi sampe buat kolase gitu zzz aufar mana mau coba haha

    lilyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy hehehe :)