I have a thing. Can't tell. Tapi gue bingung apa yang bisa gue lakuin kalau bukan cerita. Kalaupun gue cerita, mereka hanya akan bisa ngasih gue opini. Sedangkan yang gue butuhkan itu fakta, tapi entah fakta apa. Gue juga bingung.
Diluar daripada itu, I'll stay. I know there are too many 'buts'. But, for what? But, For whom? But, why should I stay if no one needs me anyway? Where can I hold on? No branches no waterpipes, and within minutes I will fall into the ground. So, what now? Why should I stay if it's possible that I'm the one who gonna fall? Instead of those questions the bold one is I'm staying here. I'm going nowhere.
Whoever read this, I mean it.