These are 30 facts about me :
  1. My name means fragile. But I don't want to be fragile. Well, It's latin I think
  2. I was born in Jakarta, but on the certificate it was written Bekasi, maybe it was because I was living at Pondok Gede when I was a child
  3. I have such a lovely family and thank God, they are not over-protective. They are democratic sometimes. I ♥ them
  4. I have 2 younger sisters. Oh please, don't say that they are cute. They are so noisy! But unfortunately, hmm I do ♥ them
  5. I have one and only Grandmother left. I ♥ her so much. I spent my childhood with her. She dropped me to school everyday!
  6. I trust God. And I'm muslim.
  7. I'm taken. I've written so much about him before.
  8. I had been crying almost every evening for about one month when I moved to High School.
  9. I used to love creating e-mails. I have like more than 5 e-mails but only 3 are available, lol.
  10. My english is not good. I'm not taking any English Course right now. But I want it for sure but I don't know if I have time.
  11. I open Facebook almost everyday, it's not cool I know
  12. I have my own-blue-and-cloudy-bedroom
  13. I'm not really good at writing and showing my mind with words
  14. My available mobile number is different with the one in the junior high yearbook
  15. I used to hate my High School, but I'm enjoying it now
  16. I'm the vice of OSIS Al-Azhar 1 (No offense, Dandy HAHAHA)
  17. I don't have any pet, my mom doesn't allow me to have one.
  18. I hate darkness and insects. Why did God create them anyway?
  19. I'm kinda easy going, I'd love to go travelling
  20. DREAM : Travelling around the world
  21. I'm moody sometimes
  22. I easily get annoyed
  23. I hated pink, but I'm okay with it now
  24. I'm using Mango Adorably
  25. I hate being alone, I love 'together' word sometimes
  26. I usually put myself on the third-person to face a problem
  27. I have a small body, but in fact, I'm sixteen going on seventeen, dude!
  28. I'm not really good solving problems, but problems are made to be solved, right? I do what I can then
  29. I love Brad Pitt, that's for sure!
  30. I hate physics, that's why I'm in social class now. I like Accounting better! :)


  1. hahaha wah wah lo nomer 23 opposite sama zabon dooong, eh eh gue setuju sangat dengan nomer 30!!! duh for physics.

  2. nyahaha i hated it when i was in elementary vi

  3. My english is not good. terus geu apa dooooong? belom lagi si tyka hahaha